Brownman        Ryan Oliver       Dave Restivo       Mark Cashion      Ernesto Cervini
    trumpet            tenor              keys               bass              drums
A brand new, deeply exploratory, highly-energized Toronto-based jazz quintet
:: Brownman - trumpet
:: Ryan Oliver - tenor sax
:: Dave Restivo - piano / rhodes
:: Mark Cashion - acoustic bass
:: Ernesto Cervini - drums

Press Release:
"Acclaimed tenor saxophonist Ryan Oliver, recently back in Toronto after years in New York City, joins forces with one of Canada's top-shelf jazz trumpet players - Brownman, rarely in Toronto amidst global touring - to form the front line of this exciting new quintet dedicated to exploring the sonic soundscapes of modern jazz with New York City intensity. The group also features Dave Restivo - 5-time National Jazz Award winner for 'piano player of the year'; Ernesto Cervini on drums - also recently returning to Toronto from NYC; and much in demand upright bassist Mark Cashion.  A truly outstanding jazz collective!"

The group's name comes from the mathematical construct known as "attractors" - a set of physical properties toward which a system tends to evolve, regardless of the starting conditions of the system. A "strange attractor" is an attractor for which the evolution through the set of possible physical states is chaotic and defines a fractal mathematical set. Strange attractors define most real world physical systems including weather, the orbit of planets... and the music of this band.

Bill Watson of CKLN Radio's "Jazz Bungee" on 88.1 FM writes
"I had the opportunity to see Strange Attractors at the Trane Studio in March and this is one impressive new band in the city!  The level of musicianship from all 5 members is outstanding and each brings their own unique compositional skills to the table.  Utilizing the classic small jazz group instrumentation of trumpet, sax, piano, bass and drums, they bring a sound that reminds you of early Bluenote or CTI recordings but all wrapped around very contemporary original compositions. Great tunes, fantastic improvisers and burning sounds… this is a band to watch out for."

Strange Attractors - Shang-high (by Randy Brecker)

Strange Attractors - Oragniz (by Brownman Ali)

Strange Attractors - Sneaky Two (by Ernesto Cervini)
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Let the player run and you'll see 6 sequential video clips of STRANGE ATTRACTORS tunes (no solos).

BROWNMAN - trumpet, RYAN OLIVER - tenor
DAVE RESTIVO - keyboard

Images by Marek Lazarski - shot at the Trane Studio, Toronto